Song of the Day: July 1, 2017

Birds chirping: the first noise we hear from Lance Skiiiwalker’s debut album, Introverted Intuition.

“Forbidden Fruit” kicks off an extremely intricate piece of work from TDE’s newest prospect. While his unique sound makes him stand out from all the other names in today’s hip hop industry, his conceptual music matches well with TDE. After listening to his first album, and especially “Forbidden Fruit,” it is definitely certain he belongs there.

The song itself is a trip; a roller coaster of different sounds and energies. It starts off with a smooth, but odd melody behind Lance’s deep autotuned vocals. The reason I say it is odd is because it feels like you’re listening to a movie soundtrack, not another hip hop/blues song.

The first few verses are slow and moody. Skiiiwalker tells the story of a lady who is wildly into him. It is so much that she’s willing to go through the dangers of his life just to be along his side. This sets up the perfect metaphor to the Bible story of Adam and Eve.

She took the apple, from the tree
To be with me, whoa darlin’

Right after those verses and the chorus, “Forbidden Fruit” takes a complete different turn when an insane beat (produced by TDE’s very own Sounwave) drops in. It sounded absolutely amazing, and it left the listener astonished at the level of Skiiiwalker’s ability.

As a whole, “Forbidden Fruit” proved to be the perfect intro to the artist’s debut album. It set up the rest of the songs’ vibration extremely well and made the listener eager for more.

For all updates on Lance Skiiiwalker, the rest of TDE, and all your favorite hip hop artists stay updated to the Underground Flux.

Listen here:


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