WATCH: Kendrick Releases Music Video For “ELEMENT.”

Following April’s release for the video of “DNA.” Kendrick puts out another clip for DAMN‘s fourth track, “ELEMENT.”

“Amazingly well-produced” is the first thing that comes up to the viewer’s mind as soon as the video hits the first minute mark. Similar to the clip for “HUMBLE.”, Kendrick and the director noticeably put great effort into the visuals. The outcome was astonishing, and the entire thing is a gem because of its flawless production.

For Kendrick stans, the music clip is a blessing and the scenes captured throughout the video are undoubtedly worth a watch. Another great factor about it is how Lamar’s lyrics often capture the shot on the video. For example, when he is speaking on racism, a black man covered in blood is shown in a dramatic manner. Other times, when he’s rapping about gang violence, a scene of him and his homies running up on somebody else is played.

The outcome certainly kept up with the high standards for K-Dot music clips, and at this pace, we should be getting more of them soon.

For any other news regarding Kendrick Lamar and your favorite hip hop artits, stay tuned to the Underground Flux.


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