Song of the Day: June 14, 2017

Viral Childish Gambino hit “Redbone” gets remixed by Wiz Khalifa into “Stay Stoned.”

Aside from being known as the perfect song to make out to, listening to “Redbone” instantly causes a natural high, which is why a remix about smoking weed would fit flawlessly.

Unlike most others, what makes the remix special is not the lyricism or the chorus. Instead, it’s merely Wiz’s appearance as a whole. Just him being in the track and kicking rhymes about weed is what makes it feel even better.

You gotta smoke one to this
If you don’t it’s cool
But if you do…
You’re way cooler

He also manages to keep the track’s mellow essence while flowing into a different topic, which is amazing. It’s common to hear rappers ruining tracks by going into completely different routes in their remixes, and Wiz does the exact opposite. When he adds his own flavor about being high, the track gets another element while keeping its original vibe.



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