Song of the Day: June 13, 2017

Kanye West goes back to his 808s & Heartbreak style to dedicate a love ballad to Kim Kardashian in “Awesome.”

“Awesome” is unlikely to ever be released, but it’s always a treat to hear an unreleased track, even if it’s just to see unfinished products or songs that didn’t make the final product.

Set to a calm piano melody, Yeezy goes all out in proclaiming his love for his spouse, Kim Kardashian. He talks about how any new texts from her are unnecessary, as he spends his time reading their old conversations. She’s awesome and he’s making sure she knows it.

Stop everything you’re doing now
Cause baby, you’re awesome
So awesome

Kanye doesn’t want Kim to be worried about anything else, be it work or reputation. He deems his love “out of the park,” “after dark,” and “sleepless nights,” which are all emotions he feels when thinking about her.

While West’s lyricism is fairly basic in “Awesome,” as it’s not meant to be anything but a ballad, there are still a few instances of clever wordplay (“You’re so freakin’ tight / I know you must be tired” / “Can I come inside?”). They’re mostly sexual innuendos, but show how much he is attracted to her.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Kanye song without some self-loving. Although she’s awesome, he’s also awesome. This abrupt pat on the back is amusing given the nature of the song up to that point, as well as the fact that Kanye can’t resist giving himself some love as well.

Cause baby I’m awesome, also
I’m also awesome, also
I’m also awesome, y’all know

“Awesome” is still raw and doesn’t fit in with the theme of Kanye’s recent projects, making it clear why it hasn’t been released to the public in an official capacity. However, it’s another glimpse at Kanye’s versatility and a recommendable listen for those who enjoyed the heavily autotuned style of 808s & Heartbreak.


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