Song of the Day: June 10, 2017

Ice Cube has come back with an aggravating hit addressing police brutality. “Good Cop Bad Cop,” released just a few days ago, shows how racism in America has not changed much since NWA came out with “Fuck The Police” in 1988.

The Black Lives Matter movement has gained nationwide momentum following numerous cases of police brutality, racism, and unfair treament of people of color. This heavy atmosphere has led many people, including rappers to join in on the cause.

Ice Cube especially, who has been fighting for the cause for nearly two decades now, has used powerful lyricism to spark a change and spread awareness. “Good Cop Bad Cop” demonstrates his relentless anger for the matter as he differentiates between cops.

A “good cop” as Ice Cube specifies, still lacks simpathy, empathy, and dignity while posing with pride. These series of aggressive punches display what Ice Cube thinks of where the root of the problem lies. The issue is that righteous cops get too involved with corrupt cops instead of standing up for what is right.

Black police showin’ out for the white cop
White police showin’ out for the black cop […]
Good cop, good cop, fuckin’ with that bad cop […]
clean cop, clean cop, fuckin’ with that mean cop

“Good Cop Bad Cop,” according to Ice Cube, is a different approach to deal with the same problem. While on “Fuck The Police” him and NWA revolted against the racist judicial system, the rapper takes his time to dissect the issue and describe the types of cops on this song.

When looking at the big picture of the track, it was extremely interesting to see Ice Cube come back with another hit to address the problem. The hip hop industry can be very bipolar when it comes to these types of movements. One second every rapper is talking about it, the other none of them are. However, Cube emerges out of the trend and shows extreme concern for what is going on while setting an example for those under him.


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