Song of the Day: June 7, 2017

Isaiah Rashad began making a name for himself in 2016 with the release of “Free Lunch” out of his album, The Sun’s Tirade.

Rashad, a TDE signee, is best characterized for his unique flow over mellow beats. In “Free Lunch,” Zay gives a shoutout to his roots, although the message is not as deep as it seems. Really, it’s a song to be enjoyed.

“The song wasn’t really about nothing,” Rashad said. “It sounds tight.”

Accompanied by a smooth beat, the Chattanooga-born rapper discusses his origins. He parallels his situation to his brother’s, his friend’s, and also takes time to make some commentary on how tight his family is.

Nowadays I like to bring my nephews and my budget out
I come from where you can’t suck my dick and leave my cousin out

The most memorable part of the song is the chorus. The idea of a meal ticket echoes out multiple times (“Meal ticket, ticket, meal ticket, ticket, comma, uh”). Perhaps this is a reference to Isaiah’s tough upbringing or the fact that he doesn’t want people to rely on meal tickets, but instead, go out and make a name for themselves.


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