Song of the Day: June 5, 2017

Hailing from Oneonta, NY, 0.o.7 is more producer than rapper. With his background in musical theory, he is able to create vexing harmonies that make his debut project “Manifestos” the perfect mood music.

No one song exemplifies this more than Real Love. Enlisting the help of friend Maria Bellavia, the intro sets her saccharin voice over a rhythmically complex beat. 0.o.7 follows along on the first verse using a choppy flow to list the various ways that real love feels, before things break down. Beautiful imagery is deployed, as 0.o.7 states his tears “tasted like petroleum.”

He then joins Maria on the hook to create a counterpoint not often heard in hip hop. Finally, the beat breaks down in to something halfway between “A$AP Rocky type beat” and “Earl Sweatshirt type beat.”

From front to back, “Manifestos” is laced with songs like this. 0.o.7 is able to effortlessly create cinematic musical backdrops and create a modern John Hughes movie over the top of them. Only 21 and just off the ground, 0.o.7 is off to a great start on his way to becoming the voice of a generation.


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