Why Haven’t Hip Hop Listeners Gotten Sick of the Wealth Topic Yet?

The genre of hip hop is roughly 40 years old, and from the array of topics most rappers cover, showing off their wealth is one of the most popular.


Status is one the main reasons. Most artists want to make it loud and clear that they are rich, while others may do it to get more women. It could also be simply because not much else is happening with their lives.

I also believe it to be a matter of values. If the only thing that comes to an artist’s mind when he’s making music is money, clothes, and girls, this shows what type of character he or she has. It shows where their values lie.

Throughout the years, we’ve been listening to 50 Cent’s “I Get Money,” Jay Z’s “Money, Cash, Hoes,” A$AP Rocky’s “Pussy, Money, Weed (All I Need)” and many others.

This means that, for over four decades, rappers have been talking about the same exact thing over and over again. Especially nowadays, with the growth of trap, thoughtless lyrics about money and wealth have been even more abundant. So why haven’t people gotten sick of it yet?

Firstly, one needs to acknowledge the fact that the a large part of the hip hop fan base mainly seeks two things: motivation and fun.

In terms of motivation, a large percentage of listeners come from scenes of daily struggle, poverty-stricken backgrounds, places of high criminal rates, and low-income families. When they see someone like them, who came from the same type of environment, struggled through the same things, and is now wealthy, they become motivated. It gives them hope, and it helps them get through the day.

eminem (2)

Also, hip hop is fun. Talking and dancing about having lots of money is fun. The public also seeks that, and, even though it transmits the wrong idea of money being everything, it still encourages rap listeners to improve their situations.

The fact that this trend of topic is tedious, bland, and destructive to the culture is obviously a concern for the hip hop fan base. However, listeners should overlook it and appreciate its benefits of inspiration and exciting party songs.


Obviously there are numerous rappers that diverge from the topic of wealth and rap about more conscious, intellectual concepts. However, listeners are evidently still hungry for music about being rich as the majority of hip hop charts on the billboard are about wealth.

So to all rap fans who have also noticed this trend and are completely tired of it: embrace it, because it seems like it won’t be dying anytime soon.


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