Song of the Day: June 3, 2017

Lil Yachty shows off a different side in the R&B-infused “Bring It Back” from his debut album Teenage Emotions.

Yachty appears heartbroken and is longing for an old flame to return to him so that they can be happy together. Accompanied by a soft 80s beat, Lil Boat shies away from his trap roots to deliver a melancholy song.

The lyrics in “Bring It Back” are nothing special, as tends to be the case with Lil Yachty. He gets his point across, but there are no instances of clever wordplay or hidden messages. Instead, the song is really focused around the chorus which is repeated so many times that it is ingrained into the listener’s mind by the end:

You need to bring it back to my life, girl
(Please bring back your loving)
You need to bring it back to my life, girl
(You’ve been gone for too long)
You need to bring it back

Unlike other Yachty hits that have him mumbling almost unintelligibly or delivering high tempo, energetic verses, the Mableton-born rapper is heavily aided by autotune as he slowly expresses the hole he has in his heart.

“Bring It Back” is an ideal song for those who are skeptical of Yachty’s trap bangers, but remain openminded to his versatility and unquestionable success as an artist. However, the low sales projections for Teenage Emotions and better reception to his other songs make it unlikely that we’ll hear this side of Lil Boat on a regular basis.


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