Song of the Day: May 22, 2017

“Go On” from Snoop Dogg’s freshly dropped album Neva Left is a destined summer banger.

Snoop Dogg’s “Go On” is aided by October London’s soulful sound. London, a rising R&B artist, introduces the song. London’s only verse that is repeated throughout the song is about all the fun that can be had in the summer with a girl by his side:


When it’s hot outside… (Hot outside)
I just wanna chill with you… (Chill with you)
What you need? (What you need?)
Is put ya mind at ease… (Mind at ease)
Here’s a little sun shinin’, drink and a summer breeze

Snoop Dogg chimes in with his notoriously famous rhythm. Snoop raps about fun in the sun, smoking, and just having a good time with girls. He also encourages the listeners to accompany his “summer behavior:”


You done made it to see a whole ‘nother summer and it feel good
Stop, now, top down through the neighborhood
Let the wind blow, open up the window
That girl is poison like Bell Biv Devoe
We have a barbeque to do at four
Swimming pool party in the back on the low

The California rapper’s second verse mostly focuses on his stunting achievements and evolution:


I’m doin thangs that you never would
Like surfin with the sharks, or shootin in the dark
Riding on a bike with my grandson at the park
Evolve while I elevate, take flight, levitate
Breakfast for dinner, I’m cold as a mother, but the summer ain’t the winter

October London’s verse, which gives an analogous ring of Anderson .Paak’s sound, finalizes the groovy, summer track.


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