Listen to Travis Scott’s Three New Tracks

Travis Scott has gifted fans with three new songs following his arrest last weekend at an Arkansas concert.

“A Man” is not mind-blowing, but still very nice to listen to. The track could either be a sequel to the rapper’s 2016 track “A-Team” or simply a homophone of the word “amen.”

The first thing that jumps out to the listener is the production. “Butterfly Effect” sounded a bit too generic, especially since it slightly resembled Drake’s “Portland,” but Travis delivered a good song all together. The subject matter is also nothing spectacular, but it’s definitely worth a listen.

This is perhaps the best track out of the three. Rising trap rapper Playboi Carti makes an appearance. Travis and Carti’s seamless vocals and matching rhythm were great additions to “Green & Purple.” Additionally, the production was exhilarating.

Overall, these three new tracks were a surprise, but none of them were too amazing. The so-so replay value was at an expected amount from a Travis Scott song so it is unlikely they will gain much momentum outside of the “La Flame” fan base.

Be on the lookout for Travis Scott’s upcoming album Astroworld and his collab project with Quavo.


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