Song of the Day: May 6, 2017

“I’m Different” became an anthem for 2Chainz fans when it first dropped.

The slow piano keys at the beginning went viral quickly and almost every club bumped the track. “I’m Different” was being replayed on radios, helped 2Chainz become even more famous.

The first verse is wildly better than the second one. The lyrics are catchy, humorous, and very fun to listen to (especially at a party). Those rhymes also contain an exquisite flow.

Ass so big, I told her to look back at it (woah)
Look back it (woah), look back it (woah)
Then put a fat rabbit on the Craftmatic
I am so high…attic
I am so high like an…addict

Like a lot of other trap songs, “I’m Different” only has rhymes about cars, money, and girls. This could lead many to expect it would decrease the track’s quality, but the clever and humorous bars kept the listen thoroughly enthralling.

Even though the catchy hook and the well-produced beat are the highlights of the song, “I’m Different” still delivered extremely nice verses and a solid flow from 2Chainz, making it the perfect party song.


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