Song of the Day: May 2, 2017

The music video for “I’m the One” starts with a glimpse of DJ Khaled’s son Asahd sitting in an executive producer chair before cutting to a voluptuous model riding on a pristine white horse.

That seems ridiculous, but in DJ Khaled’s world, we have come to accept those visuals as the norm. In fact, it’s Khaled’s outlandish personality paired with his producing talent that has made him the music mogul he is today.

We previously talked about how Calvin Harris’ “Slide” is a surefire contender for song of the summer. “I’m the One” is its toughest competition to date.

Although everyone in the track has a strong correlation to hip hop (and, yes, that includes Justin Bieber who’s previously dabbled in the culture), “I’m the One” is truly a pop song that will be endlessly replayed on the airwaves for the months to come.

DJ Khaled plays the role of Nick Fury, bringing together some of music’s hottest names for a song tailor-made to be a #1 hit. Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, Migos’ Quavo, and Lil Wayne are his Avengers. While all four are great individual talents, it’s the cohesive unit that makes “I’m the One” the song it is.

Justin Bieber mostly takes center stage because of the pop-infused melody, but Chance, Quavo, and Wayne are all able to sprinkle their own touches in. Wayne drops a customary heavily-autotuned verse, Quavo comes in with a brief but solid feature that’s a continuation as a singles success, and Chance is even able to mix in a reference to being unsigned into his upbeat verse.

However, it’s because of these small doses that “I’m the One” can also be criticized. It’s undeniably a success, but it’s also a safe song. It’s a song made to be a commercial success and, beyond that, it’s a shallow. All of the artists on the song are capable of more, but because of Khaled’s genius, there isn’t a need to.

One’d be amiss to discuss “I’m the One” without bringing up the music video that brings the inner workings of Khaled’s mind to life. It’s beautifully directed, with a striking palette that would make Picasso jealous.

Be ready to listen to “I’m the One” on loop this summer, because it’s not going away any time soon.


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