Migos and Rick James is the greatest mashup of 2017


I’m stunned.

Quavo and Offset’s verses and especially flow matched Rick James’ beat flawlessly. The iconic R&B artist whose music became widely popular during the 1980s influenced many other artists at the time, but to see his instrumentals be brought back to life with trap verses was truly amazing.

People mashup and remix all sorts of songs nowadays. Because most of those are pop, EDM, or electronic music, it was extremely fun to hear a hip hop one.

The rappers’ flow truly sounded like it was made for “Super Freak,” and the lyrics did not sound odd at all over funk beat.

Dutch SoundCloud producer Guap Beats released this mashup in early February, but it only caught people’s attention earlier this week. It caught fire and went viral mainly because of numerous Twitter and Instagram posts.

“Bad and Boujee” and “Super Freak” was perfect throughout, definitely not disappointing those who hit play.

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