Song of the Day: April 26, 2017

The Game’s “Like Father Like Son 2” makes the toughest of thugs cry with an emotional message to his two sons.

Compton rapper The Game became more well-known in 2005 after the release of The Documentary. It was in that project that he made the outro “Like Father Like Son” featuring Busta Rhymes.

The first version of the track was The Game telling his experience at the hospital on the day his son was born. He mainly focused on how he felt at the moment, and then followed it by a series of verses expressing his gratitude.

A decade later, the second version came out and it was a lot better. The production was more well-mixed, the vocals were clearer, and the hook (which was the same one from 2005) was improved.

His two sons, Harlem and King Justice, also made numerous appearances throughout the track. They thanked their dad for working hard to get them out of the projects and also introduced themselves to the listener.

Cause my daddy hustle
We out the hood now


“Like Father Like Son” is a truly moving track. This is The Game in his truest form, taking the opportunity to defy the African American male stereotype of not caring for their children. He defies that prejudice while expressing the love he has for his two sons.

Ten years later, I love you too sons
I do life in the box if they ever fuck with my two sons
You’re my lil’ man

The Game also speaks on the difficulties that came with raising his first born but that he did it all for him and that it was worth it at the end. The main message of the song, however, is on Busta’s hook, where he conveys his feelings with the lines, “I’m glad you grew up to becoming everything you could be / And in the end I’m glad you only turned out better than me.”

The third verse was where the toughest of thugs were moved. The topic was taken to the next level and The Game began to speak directly to his son.

I asked him what he want for his birthday, he said to spend some time
So we kick it, that’s my best friend, I don’t have to get married
He still my best man, and that’s forever

The sequel did not disappoint fans at all as the production and the vocals were all significantly improved. The message The Game put out was also tremendously emotional. Hearing the rapper switch up from his usual gang-related verses to defy stereotypes and put out a moving concept was one of the highlights of “Like Father Like Son.”


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