Song of the Day: April 25, 2017

Kelechi romanticizes about a dream scenario with his girl in “Play With My Hair.”

Although he’s still relatively unknown, it is only a matter of time until Kelechi breaks out into the mainstream scene. Kelechi is generally seen as a hip hop artist, but “Play With My Hair” is infused with ideal-for-radio R&B sounds that the ATL artist croons rhymes over.

That description of his flow seems like a contradiction, but it isn’t. Kelechi lays down some rhymes, but his vocals are soft and charming. He’s on cloud nine as he describes the things he wants to do with his significant other.

As Kelechi later revealed, “Play With My Hair” was written out of desire, instead of reality. He wants nothing more than to relax with a girl that will truly get him. In fact, he’ll do anything to find that girl and stay with her. However, that hasn’t happened yet.

The song also features a curious role reversal where the girl plays with Kelechi’s hair, instead of the other way around. Usually, in mainstream media, it is the male playing with the female’s hair.

“Play With My Hair” is a good introduction of Kelechi’s modus operandi. He’s a polyvalent artist who has no problem expressing his emotions over different types of beats.

Lay with you
Stay with you
Pray with you
Play with you
I wish you’d
Play with my hair


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