Song of the Day: April 21, 2017

Crafted by the legendary producer Rick Rubin, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem join forces to discuss their deep hate for the concept of love.

Relationships can be stressful. Some are enamoring and dreamy, others are full of resentment and animosity. However, all of them have one thing in common: emotion.

Eminem and Kendrick Lamar make their emotions loud and clear on “Love Game.” The verses describing Em’s rancor towards his ex-fiancé are filled with intriguing stories and metaphors about her disloyalty.

Left my girl in the house alone
Is that my soon-to-be-spouse’s moan?
‘Cause your name, I’m beyond sayin’
But fuck it, I’m movin’ on, you women are all cray

“The game of love,” as Eminem describes it, is something he has deep hate for, yet still ends up playing it at the end of the day. He sees its destructiveness but still can’t help himself. This concept is carried on to Lamar’s verse.

In the verse Kendrick appears on, he kicks one of the best series of bars listeners have ever heard from him. While the song has not received much attention outside of his fanbase, his verses are full of gems. Lamar’s flow is impeccable and the way he never diverges out of topic is something to cherish. The rhymes had a humorous aspect and they grasped the listener’s attention throughout.

I told that bitch I’m a sucker for love, you a sucker for dick
Suckin’ dick in your momma tub, then your granny walked in
Told the stupid nigga to duck under the water
He drowned, like an abortion
Bitch, you serious?
I’m in the mirror with this look on my face, curious
Why you ain’t fuckin’ with me
You cut me deep as a Caesarean
You know I want you bad as a Benjamin, I’m delirious

While Eminem’s first verse is an explanation of what happened, the second one is his reaction. This is the classic time in almost every Eminem song that he goes off and lets all of his anger out.

Man, what the fuck is the matter? I’m just a fuckin’ romantic
I fuckin’ love you, you fuckin’ bitch!
I sent that bitch a text, I said, “Be careful driving
Don’t read this and have an accident”
She glanced to look at it and wrecked

The second verse is filled grim thoughts and malignity. He raps about not only his anger, but also hers. There are numerous lines about her erratic attitude. He also takes the time to discuss an insane sequence of events between him and his girl going at each other.

Hit a fuckin’ tree, now here she comes at full speed
She’s racing at me, okay, you wanna fuck with me, eh?
Snatch the bitch out her car through the window
She screamin’, I body slam her on the cement
Until the concrete gave and created a sinkhole
Buried this stink ho in it, then pay to have the street repaved

Because of its intricate rhyme schemes, captivating topic, and spotless production, “Love Game” may very well be one of Em’s best tracks about his hate for love. Kendrick’s participation was astonishing and the two undoubtedly delivered an amazing track for the listeners, especially to those who can relate to the rappers’ feelings.



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