Song of the Day: April 19, 2017

As the fans gear up for the highly-anticipated The Booty Tape by Ugly God, here’s a look at “FTBT,” the track that made the rapper go viral.

It is no secret that trap has become annoyingly repetitive lately. When it comes to underground rappers, the lack of concepts, weak lyricism, and empty beats has been abundant. The mainstream world of trap, however, has been exponentially growing.

With rappers like Drake making songs like “Portland,” Future making headlines with “Mask Off,” and Migos’ Culture album going platinum, more and more fans have been listening to the genre.

However, some underground trap artists like Kodak Black and Famous Dex have remained dreadful to listen to. Ugly God, on the other hand, brings a unique element to the game.

His high-pitched voice and comedic lyrics make his songs strikingly fun to hear. With “FTBT” in particular, the rapper fills the track with funny verses while speaking on his favorite parts of a woman’s body, hence the title of the song: “face, titties, booty, toes.”

You already know what it is
Face, titties, booty, toes
It’s the only thing I’m lookin’ for in a female
I don’t care if you bald-headed wit’ one arm
If you toes look good
I’m trying to get yo’ number bitch

After a catchy and hilarious hook, Ugly God (formerly known as Pussy Bacon) kicks his second verse. He humorously disses himself and talks about an enticing girl he once met.

If I come over better know I’m on a mission
Booty so delicious but yo’ toes look suspicious
Young Ugly God, bitch my dick microscopic

As a whole, “FTBT” is a banger throughout because of its superb production value (thnks to Ugly God himself), catchy hook, and hilarious lyrics. Be on the lookout for The Booty Tape and don’t be surprised if it turns out to be a masterpiece. You can also stay updated with his work on his Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud pages.

“Bitch I got your bitch, I’m young Ugly God and I’m ugly as a bitch.”

Thanks, Ugly God.



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