Song of the Day: April 9, 2017

Snoop Dogg discusses the commitment he has to his girl in “I’m Ya Dogg,” a party song featuring Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross.

“I’m Ya Dogg,” a track about Snoop’s relationships, is mainly thrilling because of Pharrell Williams’ god-like production. After not releasing any projects for two years, the California-based rapper’s lyrics were below average, not only in “I’m Ya Dogg,” but also throughout his album Bush.


The lyricism in this song was mediocre (as was the case in Bush). Instead, “I’m Ya Dogg” mostly relied on the instrumentals. Snoop’s mellow voice spotlessly synced with Pharrell’s beat. It wasn’t until the two features from Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar that the song’s lyrics are worth paying attention to.

Rick Ross came in first with a few decent lines about his wealth and proficiency in the rap game.

Paid for, meanin’ I ain’t gotta rap for it
She a alley oop, I tap it off the backboard
Hustlin’, baby what you lookin’ for? Just ask for it
Now they callin’ me the truest one to ever do it
Status symbol for the pimps, now enjoy the music

Kendrick Lamar hopped in afterwards with vocals that matched the beat perfectly. His lyrics were masterful and he flowed extremely well on Pharrell’s beat. K-Dot’s appearance on the album was not disappointing, and the gangster element he brought to the table improved the track.

Freaky… freak like it’s the 80s
Fuckin’ explicit, radio prolly say we
Should tone it… down with the clean version
Dirty… but in public you’re like teen virgin
I like it… make me realize my vices
I’m your D-O-double-G and I need more Pedigree
What it D-O? Puppy chow, I’ve been grown and so off the leash, ho

As a whole, “I’m Ya Dogg” is an extremely fun track to listen and dance to. Pharrell’s top-notch production made up for Snoop Dogg’s lackluster lyrics, making the outcome solid altogether.



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