Song of the Day: April 8, 2017

Future’s reinvention in HNDRXX is exemplified through “Incredible.”

After the releases of EVOL and FUTURE, many considered Future to have plateaued. His trap-based style was somewhat overplayed, and Future was not giving anything fresh to his listeners. He was sticking to the same formula that had brought him success in Dirty Sprite and DS2.

In HNDRXX, Future was able to display an entirely new facet of his character. The shock caused by this fresh album was amplified by the stark contrast when compared to FUTURE that had been released a week earlier.

In “Incredible,” a heavily auto-tuned Future croons over a melodic R&B-esque beat about finding his true love:

I was havin’ trust issues
But I’ve been havin’ way better luck since you
I know it’s true love with you

Casual hookups were a constant theme in Future’s past releases. In “Incredible,” Future truly believes that this girl is ‘the one.’ She makes him feel incredible, hence the title of the track.

As the song progressed, Future’s feelings for this girl are only maximized. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep her (I’mma do whatever it take to keep my fuckin’ baby sprung / I’mma do whatever it takes to shake these fuckin’ bitches off / I’mma do whatever it takes and you gon’ be my personal).

“Incredible” takes on heavier sexual tones as it progresses. By the end, Future is not discrete about how he’s going to have “[her] body sweatin’ like [she’s] dipped in baby oil” and how she is “fuckin’ with a full-grown man.”

That last line is particularly interesting because it could signify a then and a now for Future. The ATL trap artist emphasizes that he’s a grown man. With HNDRXX arguably taking a maturer, more introspective tone than other Future projects, this could be Future indicating that he has grown up.

HNDRXX was a massive gamble for Future, but for those who were growing tired of his previous sounds, songs like “Incredible” are worth a listen.

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