KENDRICK WEEK: Song of the Day – April 7, 2017

As part of the build-up to Kendrick Lamar’s new project, the Underground Flux will present KENDRICK WEEK for the next 7 days (March 31 to April 7). A special focus will be put on K-Dot during that time span. We hope you enjoy.

BJ the Chicago Kid combines his neo-soul vocals with Kendrick Lamar’s verses to discuss modern-day relationships in “The New Cupid.”

Coming off BJ the Chicago Kid’s 2016 album In My Mind, “The New Cupid” brings a thought-provoking concept about today’s relationships. Rather than simply saying love doesn’t exist anymore, BJ talks about how Cupid has been more worried about one-night stands instead of actual romance. He also satirizes the spiritless and dull mindset of fancying hookups by making “Cupid” a metaphor to the way most people think a relationship is supposed to feel like.

“Cupid’s too busy in the club
At the bar
Rolling up
And if you see him, let him know
Love is gone”

Kendrick’s verse, on the other hand, brought the essence BJ was missing in “The New Cupid.” The soulful instrumentals of the track were perfect for Lamar to kick some verses about his perspective on love. He says that he feels empty for not having someone to love in his life, and that he fills that hole with more hookups, marijuana and alcohol.

“The feeling is void, don’t know what I need
Some pussy, some paper, some counseling
Maybe some Henny, some weed”

Towards the end of his verse, he talks about conforming to the ways of people and going out to look for possible one-night stands (“I’m parking lot pimpin’, I’m honking at women, I’m all on the curb / Skrt, skrt, skrt, pump your brake, pump your brake / Mini skirt, skirt, skirt, don’t walk away, walk away”). He also reveals his hopelessness for a loving marriage.

“Reality is fatality cursed on the future for family, wife and some kids”

One aspect that caught the listener’s attention about Kendrick’s verse was the addition of a choir in the production while he was rapping. Right after Kendrick rhymes “some Henny, some weed,” a choir comes in just for about a second with some beautiful vocals, further bettering the verse.

Overall, “The New Cupid” is a soulful track with an extremely amusing concept about modern relationships. Kendrick’s verse brought just the right essence BJ needed for the song. Both of the artists’ vocals sounded amazing. BJ the Chicago Kid has also given insight and background on most of this song’s lyrics on Genius.

“My music is always hidden gems. It’s not just what you see. It’s made to make you think.” – BJ the Chicago Kid



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