KENDRICK WEEK: Song of the Day – April 1, 2017

As part of the build-up to Kendrick Lamar’s new project, the Underground Flux will present KENDRICK WEEK for the next 7 days (March 31 to April 7). A special focus will be put on K-Dot during that time span. We hope you enjoy.

Kendrick Lamar and The Game combine their Compton-based sounds to make an exhilarating track about gang violence, and their identities growing up in the cold streets of Cali.

Sampling the Erykah Badu classic “On & On,” the song’s producer Bongo the Drum GAHD was able to seamlessly remix it into a gangster-sounding beat. The new instrumentals accurately kept Erykah’s essence even though the tempo was switched. Also, the bass strings and the drums put over her soul vocals sounded beautiful all together.

Aside from The Game’s captivating lyrics about growing up amongst gang violence as a young rapper in Compton, “On Me” also allows Kendrick to bring on a killer verse about his early identities.

the game and kendrick

Throughout the rest of Lamar’s verses, he raps about his influence on the streets of Compton and on the rap game. He also speaks on his respect for The Game with the lines ‘And if Game told me, “Drive by it,” I raise AK.’

Because of its lyrical essence and the well-put together instrumentals, “On Me” is not only highly recommendable, but also one of the best tracks off The Documentary 2. 




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