Song of the Day: March 22, 2017

A young Kendrick Lamar shows his passionate side with a love track dedicated to Beyoncé in “Beyoncé.”

When this song was released in early 2009, there was a massive gap in terms of popularity and money between Kendrick and Beyoncé. Beyoncé was living one of the top moments of her career, coming off the award-winning track “Single Ladies” and being named the 2009 Billboard Woman of the Year. On the flip side, Kendrick was just getting started on the West Coast.

The love song was simply a message that Lamar put out in hopes of getting Beyoncé to hear it. The hook was something that displayed a love struck side of Kendrick that listeners don’t usually hear.

I can daydream about Beyoncé all day
Thinkin’ about the good times before she met Jay

Kendrick also raps about about how he still has hopes of being her man, even though she got married to Jay Z.

I really thought I had a chance to be your man
Until I seen the video with the ring on your hand
It hurt me so

Throughout the rest of the verses, Kendrick compliments her beauty, her singing abilities, and her style as a whole.

You wore braids with a bangin’ body
Look like you did pilates, a lot of sit-ups probably

He also plots to end their marriage by setting up Jay.

then find Jay Z
And push him into a dancer, hopefully they lock lips
That’s when I yell out “Sounwave! Hurry up take the pic!”

Towards the end, the rapper daydreams of going on dates with Beyoncé, holding her hand, and taking her to his hometown of Compton. Despite that, there is a snippet of Kendrick calling Beyoncé “the best wife in the world” in the outro, and saying that he hopes Jay Z doesn’t get mad at him for releasing the track.

Little did Kendrick know that not only would he collaborate with Beyoncé on “FREEDOM,” but that he would also perform alongside her at the 2016 BET Awards.


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