Song of the Day: March 20, 2017

Coming off the 3 Way EP, Migos discuss not being at all bothered by breakups and poke fun at those who are easily put down by women.

The song kicks off with a horrible verse from Quavo. They were only generic trap song lyrics, with mostly six words per bar and an ad-lib like “ay” or “yuh” at the end. Even though his verse matched the drums of the beat produced by Ricky Racks nicely, it still felt very empty because of that lack of proper flow and lyricism.

Quavo picks it up towards the end with quicker lines, but it did not make his portion of the song any better as the lyrics failed to follow the subject matter of the song or have any coherence with the previous verse.

The hook, on the other hand, was exhilarating. You could tell it was made for those trying to get over a broken relationship.

I’m not goin’ out sad
‘Specially bout that bitch

The next verse was from Offset, which turned out to be mildly disappointing. He also failed to follow the subject matter, and the verses were not coherent. In terms of the lyrics, they were fun to hear only because of Offset’s flow.

Takeoff’s verse was undoubtedly the best. Out of all of the others. In fact, one could even go far enough to say that it was one of his all-time best contributions to a song. The humorous bars and the topics that followed the subject matter improved the song immensely.

The song is electrifying as a whole (especially the hook) and the rest of the EP is also very nice despite it only being 5 tracks long. For those who are trying to get over a hurtful breakup, “Can’t Go Out Sad” is worth a listen.



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