Song of the Day: March 11, 2017

YG addresses those who constantly ask for money and a place in the spotlight in “Gimmie Got Shot.”

The Compton-born rapper delivered a great message about fake friendship. In the song, he talks about “friends” he used to have who are now constantly expecting material possessions ever since he became famous. The story he tells is very intriguing, made better by the chronological sequence of events, as well as how the relationship he had with those friends changed.

The song starts off with YG introducing “Gimmie,” which, as explained by the artist on Genius, is not just one person, but “different situations” who recklessly spend their money and keep asking YG for more.

Soft early, get Gimmie what Gimmie was asking for
Couple months later, Gimmie start asking for more

In the second verse, YG cuts “Gimmie” off  after they step out majorly out of line after using the money to buy drugs. As a result, “Gimmie” goes and sleeps with one of the rapper’s girls for revenge. For YG, that was the last straw. He shoots him.

See Gimmie all along was a cold nigga
Didn’t give him what he wanted so Gimmie stole from niggas
And that’s when I pulled out my Glock
Now everybody know how Gimmie got shot

Aside from the superb production by DJ Swish and the engaging lyrics, the outro was truly memorable. The listener gets a female choir singing a derived interlude from a part in the hook, improving the overall listen.

“Gimmie Got Shot” reflected the majority of YG’s subject matter–particularly from his 2016 album Still Brazy. The topic of his friends changing after the fame becomes very repetitive in his tracks, but it did not diminish this track’s quality.


Per spring break, the Underground Flux will be going on a quick break from March 12-19. Enjoy!


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