Song of the Day: March 4, 2017

Kendrick Lamar’s “untitled 07 | 2014-2016” is the highlight of untitled unmastered.

Kendrick starts the song off by listing off vices that won’t get you to the level he’s at. It’s up to the listener to interpret whether K-Dot is referring to the widespread success of To Pimp a Butterfly or perhaps his spiritual state.

He talks about being a pimp and then goes into what he and his friends do or don’t stand for. As the track was released as part of an unmastered collection, it isn’t the most polished. However, it’s still Kendrick and that always counts for something. His flow is impeccable and mixes nicely with the background track.

After Egypt’s interlude to the “main” song and a short melody from Kendrick riddled with great rhymes, the listener is plunged headfirst into a room with Kendrick and some of his friends.

This second part is allegedly produced entirely by Egypt. As opposed to what the impression given off may be, Egypt is not an obscure upcoming producer. He is Alicia Keys’ son who was 5-years old at the time untitled unmastered was released.

The group of friends is just shooting the shit, singing some songs, and having fun. With Kendrick Lamar being a fairly private person out of the limelight, this serves as a tool for the listener to see how Kendrick uses his downtime.


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