Song of the Day: February 26, 2017

Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos collaborating on the same track seems like a juxtaposition due to their three wildly different styles of music, but “Slide” is already an early contender for song of the year.

The song starts with a melodious, almost beachy funky beat. If the palm trees and powder blue sky weren’t enough of an indicative, this beat sets the relaxed tone for “Slide.”

Calvin Harris’ work in “Slide” is not to be understated. The beat is not out of place at any moment and syncs incredibly with the lyrics.

Frank Ocean in his first appearance since Blonde comes in shortly afterward. Frank himself explained a part of his lyrics in case there is any confusion as to what he is discussing.

After some more vibing with Frank, Quavo and Offset come in, respectively. Takeoff isn’t featured in this song for unknown reasons.

If, like me, you were expecting Migos to completely change the mood of the song with trap-inspired vocals, don’t be afraid. Quavo and Offset fuse into “Slide” seamlessly and their toned down verses are a pleasing look at their versatility as artists.

It’s almost inevitable that “Slide” won’t be looped on radios to the point where people grow sick of it, but that’s fair when three very marketable artists pump out a song that proves to be musical bliss.


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