Mixtape Review: 50 Cent’s The Kanan Tape

Named after the character he plays on the TV series, Power, 50 Cent’s The Kanan Tape was certainly not a disappointment and the outcome was better than expected.

Coming off lawsuits and bankruptcy statements, 50 Cent had something to prove for the listeners. In light of this, it’s begrudgingly fair for me to say that he delivered well. Despite relying entirely on the astonishing good production value, his verses were not bad at all.

It was also noticeable from the beats he used that he attempted to convert his music into a more trap-sounding genre. 50 should have completely avoided that because it doesn’t fit his style well and his vocals don’t sound good over trap beats. With the exception of the best tracks in the EP, “Body Bags,””Burner On Me,” and “On Everything,” (honorable mention to “Tryna F*ck Me Over”) it did not really feel like thiis was the true 50 Cent gangster rhyming.

Lyrics that sum up the tape’s subject matter:

Your new b**ch my old hoe
I put her on fo’ sho though
Her head game was so-so
That’s why I had to let her go, go

Okay, the dope addin’ up, the coke addin’ up
The smoke addin’ up, my pockets are fattened up
I got b**ches in my bedroom, nerds on computers
Diamonds ’round my neck, straps for my shooters

Now I got real money, that “f**k how you feel” money
That “n*gga, you look at me wrong, get killed” money

In terms of what’s next for him as an artist, Curtis Jackson appears to not be concerned with his music at all. He is constantly swayed by mainstream rapper beefs (Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown, for example) and other drama that happens in the music industry.

He has (rarely) been releasing tracks and remixes on mymixtapez.com, but none of which have been truly impressive for a rapper of his caliber. He constantly updates his Instagram page with news on his music, signature EFFEN Vodka label, and anything else that he may be working on.


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