Song of the Day: February 25, 2017

Coming off the Documentary 2.5, released by The Game in late 2015, “The Ghetto” was certainly a great listen. Highlight of the song?  Nas’ lyrics without a doubt.

This song’s melody is amazing. It kicks off with a calm tune until the drums begin and Nas’ starts rhyming. The subject matter consisted mostly of criminal activity and violence in the hood with Nas and The Game rapping about their own experiences in it.

Because of’s harmonious production and a well-autotuned hook that matched the subject matter Nas and the The Game discussed, it was evident that a very smooth song was delivered to the fans.

The last part of the song is mind-blowing though. We get an outro from Anderson .Paak and a group of singers singing an a capella version of the hook. It was beautiful, and their voices made it very pleasing to the ears.

Notable lyrics:

Every part of the whole world, there’s an area
That, if you’re poor, another day alive is a miracle

Low-income housing, it dwells murderers
But children don’t qualify for health services



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