Song of the Day: February 24, 2017

Belgian rapper Yung Mavu merged classic topics from Hogwarts and Potter’s life into modern, trap-like lyrics. There were references all over the song, which made the overall listen very fun and more interesting. The flow was mildly weak, but the delivery was solid. None of that much of a difference as the highlights of the song were the beat and the verses.

Notable lyrics:

Abrada cadabra on a n*gga
Expecto patronum on a n*gga (what)
If Malfoy gonna run up on me
Then I’mma put my wand to the nigga (ay)

Voldemort ain’t got shit on me
Say “hail Gryffindor” and “fuck Slytherin”

But ay, there’s more
Shout out to my nigga Dumbledore
Malfoy tried to kill him, but he a little bitch
Instead he got killed by the Half-Blood Prince

You can support Yung Mavu by following him on Instagram


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