Song of the Day: February 22, 2017

After the release of his debut mixtape Summer Camp, Chicagoan artist theMIND collaborates with Mick Jenkins, Noname, and Jesse Boykins III in “Animated Ambition.”

The upbeat tempo and synth-riddled beat mesh well with theMIND’s fantastic vocals and Mick Jenkins’ and Noname’s verse. Jesse Boykins’ section of the song is unremarkable. He does a solid job, but one does not walk away feeling as if he was essential to the song.

The rhymes in “Animated Ambition” are not particularly colorful or complex. There is some excellent lyricism which refers to the current American political scene, as well as the racial turmoil in the country:

Like they really might give it to the Donald playing the Trump card
I know White America dreams in all black
Dark conundrum for genocide happy as Kodak
Smile for the picture like you safe and they love you

That verse from Noname shows why she is one of the most coveted young female rappers in the industry. Her work is excellent, having led to collaborations with artists like Chance the Rapper, and worth seeking out.

The rest of the song makes reference to other pop culture figures and iconic cartoon characters.

To support theMIND’s work, you can follow him on Twitter, SoundCloud, and listen to Summer Camp.


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