Song of the Day: February 21, 2017

“Hear Me” is perhaps one of A$AP Rocky’s most underrated tracks. Since it was only released on SoundCloud and initially on OVO Sound Radio, the song did not gain as much momentum outside the A$AP Mob fan base.

Although Pharrell Williams is listed as a feature on the track, he has no verses whatsoever and just some minor background vocals on the hook. Even then, you would think he produced the amazing beat on the song, but no. “Hear Me” was actually produced by Kino Beats and Miles Sloan. This lack of participation was extremely disappointing to the listeners especially since he had just come off a huge run from the Grammy-nominated single “Freedom.”

A$AP Rocky’s verses certainly delivered though. Each bar was coherent, and the quick-paced flow made the listen even more interesting–especially on his third verse’s acapella. The flow made it as one of the track’s highlights because of its delivery and how well it fit with the abrupt slow beat.

Something we hear from A$AP Rocky a lot is rhymes about what makes him different from other rappers and how unique he is. In “Hear Me,” this is exactly what we got. Rocky goes on and on about his wealthy lifestyle, himself, and how other rappers can’t be measure up to him.

Overall, “Hear Me” is highly recommendable, and if you want to listen to more from A$AP Rocky, him and the rest of the A$AP Mob artists recently dropped an album named Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends. You can also stay updated and follow his his work on Twitter and his intriguing photography art on Instagram


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