Song of the Day: February 20, 2017

Chicago rapper Chief Keef partners up with top producers Metro Boomin and Southside to make “Obama,” one of the best tracks in the artist’s discography.

As you may have noticed, the actual song has nothing to do with former president Barack Obama. In fact, the only time he ever mentions him is on the hook, when he says “Hit Obama, told him ima pick him up and he said “really?’ “The rest of the lyrics are incoherent for the most part, but one could still find some clever bars in the song. For example,

“Don’t let me in the NBA, we knock it off the shore
But meet my muthaf**king pistol, knock you off the court”

Another thing that jumps out to the listener is the superb production. When you combine Metro Boomin and Southside to make a beat, the expectations would certainly be high and it’s undoubtedly a very well-made beat.
In terms of the future for Chief Keef, signs of a new album are slim even though average mixtapes are frequent on However, the artist daily updates his pages on Twitter and Instagram

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