Song of the Day: February 19, 2017

UK grime star Stormzy appeared on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and sang his own rendition of Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam.”

Before going into Stormzy’s performance, it is important to acknowledge the band and choir behind him. They do a fantastic job for what appears to be a live performance.

Stormzy’s lines are not mindblowing, but they are very solid and fall in line to what he is as an artist. He does not venture into uncharted territory that takes away from what has made him popular. Stormzy maintains the same rhyme scheme throughout the entire song and doesn’t steer off topic.

Whether Stormzy will eventually be able to expand into the United States is unknown. Skepta, arguably the biggest grime artist today, was unable to get into the USA due to VISA issues recently, which makes it likely that Stormzy would suffer the same fate.

You can support Stormzy by following him on Twitter @Stormzy1 and listening to his upcoming album Gang Signs and Prayer once it drops on February 24.


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