Song of the Day: February 18, 2017

50 Cent and Nipsey Hussle join Compton rapper YG for a very 90s-type gangster track.

The song starts with a recording of a scene from the 1993 movie Menace II Society. In a part of the snippet, the main actor says “I needed some rims bad, and I knew just how to get ’em…All I had to do was catch some fool slippin’ and jack his ass.” This perfectly sets up YG for his hook and the overall subject matter of the track, which is that he wants a new car and money so he can stunt with his friends.

YG takes on the first verse, which gets followed by Nipsey Hussle. Lyricism stayed consistent throughout, and the delivery was definitely one of the highlights for the listener. The up-tempo beat added a great tune to the song and made the overall listen a lot better. The next verse by Nipsey Hussle did not disappoint. The lyricism about money, cars, and gangbanging was solid and it generally fit the song well.

Lastly, it came down to 50 Cent to cap off the track. Expectations were not that high and it was safe to say that the outcome was extremely unsatisfactory: bars were way below average and his flow was weak as well. Despite also failing to stay on topic, one good thing that was noticeable were his vocals that matched the gangster rhythm of the song.

YG offered personal commentary on this track’s verses on Genius Lyrics and you can also keep up with his work on Twitter. Overall, the California-based rapper certainly delivered for the fans, and if you like Compton gangster music, “I Wanna Benz” is for you.


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