Song of the Day: February 15, 2017

“Duality” is amazing.

Deniro Farrar’s flow and delivery matched the vibe of the beat perfectly, which made the vocals in the track sound even better. I have to say that even though the lyricism was good, it still could have been a bit more elaborate since there was no common subject matter between the verses. For example, when he says,

“Been had keys unlock them doors
Game so cold talk a bitch up out her clothes
And my mind so high that it can’t come down
If they didn’t know then, well I bet they know now
Pull up a chair, everybody gather round
Mind of a Gemini set the world on fire”

I couldn’t find a common theme. He goes all over the place without guiding you through his topics.

In the hook, however, there was a certain different rhythm that is extremely creative because of its exotic essence. This really contributes to the song because you don’t get this type of energy coming from a lot of songs nowadays, so it sounds more unique and it distinguishes Farrar from other SoundCloud rappers.

Notable lyrics:

“If a n*gga owe me better pay up
smooth operator with the lay up
Girl I ain’t got time to lay up
T-shirt stained from the make-up
Liberate your mind if you really wanna wake up”

You can also keep up with Deniro Farrar’s work on Twitter and SoundCloud.



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